Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A long trip, but one you would not want to miss

Yesterday was a long one.  Because of the weather forecast we would have to leave Kearney, NE. and head west.  So at 2am we were back on the road with only a couple of hours of sleep heading to WY.  There was a place called Jay Em, WY. 375 miles away that looked good.  It was a good choice, the weather was perfect.  We saw 2 1/2 minutes total eclipse.
Believe me, much better in person.  
The corona light, only seen on a total eclipse.
This is not a sunset but 11:00 am at the start of the total eclipse.
Fellow eclipse watchers parked next to use, Richard from Denver and
Hanna from Hollywood.  Richard worked for NASA.

And yes, traffic.

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